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July 15, 2002

Local News

City of Bothell is award finalist

BOTHELL - The City of Bothell has received "Finalist" designation in the national City-County Communications and Marketing Association's (3CMA) Year 2002 Savvy Awards Competition. Winners will be announced in September. The City-County Communications and Marketing Association received more than 750 entries in 11 categories.
   "The City of Bothell is proud to be a Finalist in the 3CMA Savvy Awards Competition," said City Manager Jim Thompson. "In less than a year that our government television channel, BCTV, has been on-air, our hard-working staff is already receiving national recognition."
   The City of Bothell submitted two video pieces for the TV and Video One Time/Special Programming and TV and Video/Regular Programming categories (with resident population of 6,000 to 52,000). In the Special Programming category, the City submitted its "Sex Offender Education Video" (educating citizens on sex offenders living within the community) and in the Regular Programming category, the city submitted "Bothell City View" (City of Bothell quarterly, magazine show that aired from January to March 2002). BCTV Channel 21 (Bothell Community Television) staff produced both pieces for BCTV air.
   Bothell Community Television (BCTV) Channel 21 launched in August 2001 and provides Bothell citizens with up-to-date information on city events, news, meetings plus city-produced programs and educational programming from other governmental agencies such as Washington State Department of Natural Resources and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Bothell AT&T Broadband customers who live within the City of Bothell limits will have access to the 24-hour government cable channel. Bothell Council and Planning Commission meeting videos and BCTV-produced video programs are available for checkout at Bothell Regional Library. For a full BCTV program schedule, visit
   For more information about 3CMA, visit