Northwest NEWS

July 22, 2002


SR 203 should be a nice drive in the country without reminders of death

On SR203 about 1-1/2 miles north of Fall City at the intersection with Neal Road, there's a roadside memorial that is very distracting to motorists.
   It's not your average cross with a few flowers. This memorial consists of one huge, elaborately carved wooden cross, another less ornate cross, a huge American flag and more floral arrangements than your local florist has. In fact, this particular memorial is more decked out than all the graves in the Carnation Cemetery.
   I fully support the road signs that send a message about drunk driving fatalities, but why are other people allowed to turn the shoulders of our public highways into cemeteries? I am not unsympathetic to a person who has lost a loved one in a traffic accident, but why must I be reminded of the morbid event every time I drive down the highway?
   Don't people have to get a permit to erect this type of signage which would limit the amount of time that it can remain in public view?
   One person places a small cross along the side of the road and pretty soon you have several memorials of various shapes and sizes littering our state highways.
   Some of us must drive State Route 203 on a daily basis, but for others it should be a nice drive in the country, free of all the disturbing icons of death.
   Karla Woodley, Carnation