Northwest NEWS

July 22, 2002


Driftwood sculpture on view at library

by Deborah Stone
   Arts and Entertainment
   Currently on view through the month of July at the Woodinville Library is a driftwood sculpture exhibit by local artists. Fifteen fascinating pieces fashioned from weathered wood make for a stunning and eye-catching display as patrons enter the library.
   Each piece has been refined into a work of art, utilizing the natural shapes and designs of found wood.
   The process begins with the selection of the raw sculptured material. Weathered wood is gathered from mountains, rivers, forests, beaches and even clearcuts. Then the soft decayed wood is removed in order to get to the hard wood where the grain of the wood is located. Following this step, the sculptor shapes the piece to give it its artistic form. Then the piece can be burnished using a natural oil, beeswax mixture or a deer antler. Shellac, varnish or lacquer are never utilized on driftwood sculpture. The final step is to mount the piece on a natural, complementing base.
   In the library's exhibit, local artists Lois Karr, Joanne Barrie Lynn, Jo Marsh, Lillian Kenison and Arlene DePalma title their pieces with descriptive names that match the artistic forms they have created. Such titles as "Holey Molar," "Skimming the Waves," "Talking Fingers," "Sassy Snail," "Wood Sprite," "Raging Bull" and others perfectly identify and illustrate their corresponding pieces. Each is unique and unusual, as well as beautifully mounted, to show off the texture and color of the wood.
   According to Woodinville librarian Carol Fick, exhibits normally tie into books, but in this case, the nature of the display was very special and warranted a showing of its own. Thus far, feedback from patrons has been overwhelmingly positive. "People stop and take a closer look as they enter the library," says Fick. "They comment on how unusual the pieces are and they really seem to like them."
   To complement the exhibit, classes in the basic techniques of this art form will be held, beginning in September at the Woodinville Senior Program, in the Woodinville Community Center. The instructor will be Jo Marsh, a six-year member of the Northwest Driftwood Artists. For further information, contact the Woodinville Senior Center at (425) 488-4289 or Jo Marsh at (425) 883-7141.