Northwest NEWS

July 22, 2002

Home & Garden

The Backyard Gardener

by Swend Trefethen
   Special to the Weekly
   You haven't heard from me for awhile. I took a tumble about eight weeks ago and according to the Doc cracked all the ribs on my right side. That kept me out of the garden for a couple of weeks.
   Remember when I complained about how late the spring was and how after not being able to do anything for a couple of weeks the garden looked more like winter than spring?
   As you can see from the picture, I finally got the big stuff planted and with the wonderful warm weather they are doing great.
   The green beans are climbing the poles. The corn is "knee high" (and it's only the 22nd of July) and the tomatoes are setting plenty of fruit.
   You can't see the green peppers and the Walla Wallas, but they're there.
   I'm still going to put in some carrots (medium Danvers) and some hills of Great Lakes lettuce. I think if I put them in amongst the corn stalks they won't get too much sun.
   Aren't we fortunate to have plenty of water this year?
   My oldest son lives in the Denver area and he tells me they are in their third year of drought. They are restricted to lawn watering 3 times a week and then for only 1/2 hour at a time. Just enough to keep it from burning up. During the raging fires they had to rinse off the ash from their car if it sat out.
   Remember a couple of years ago? We had water rationing. Lawns were brown and we just waited till the fall rains. In Denver they don't know when the next rains will come.
   I'm glad to have my strength back and be able to mow and trim my lawn again.
   I learned a stern lesson: "Don't fall and crack your ribs." It hurts - for weeks. May all your thumbs be green. Swend