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July 22, 2002

Local News

It takes a 'bold' thief: sculpture vandalized

by Woodinville Weekly staff
   What is it? A tulip? A spaceship? A phonograph? Young children think it's a playhouse and crawl inside. And all adults must stick their head inside to get a better look.
   With some amusement, City staff has observed the public scrutinizing the large metal horn-shaped sculpture that adorns the lawn area in front of Woodinville City Hall. The name of the artwork offers a hint at its true identity. Artist Paul Sorey calls his piece "Flowering Structure."
   Several months ago, though, people began to wonder about something else other than the unique look of the artwork. Instead of asking, what is it? People wanted to know, who did it? Who would sneak onto well-lit City Hall grounds in the middle of the night and vandalize the stainless steel sculpture?
   "It happened just outside our Council Chambers," said Park Maintenance Supervisor Brian Meyer, pointing to the artwork's location. For a reason not understood, a person or persons dismantled 40 or 50 screws that secured the sculpture and stole two of its 3' by 1 1/2' metal flower petals.
   "It takes a pretty bold person to come in here when the Police Department is 150 feet away," said Meyer. "I'm sure the police are taking a close look at that."
   Meanwhile, Sorey has been fabricating replacement petals. Cost of the damage has been reported at $900 and no suspects have been named to this date.
   If apprehended and convicted, however, the person responsible could face up to five years in prison or a $10,000 fine or both.