Northwest NEWS

July 22, 2002

Front Page

Evergreen Hospital opens new outpatient surgery center

by Deborah Stone
   Features Writer
   Evergreen Hospital Medical Center recently opened the doors to its new outpatient Surgical Center, located adjacent to the main hospital building, on the top floor of the new five-story Evergreen Surgery and Physicians Center.
   The facility replaces the old Evergreen Surgical Center and was constructed in response to the growing demand from the community for same-day surgery.
   To date, the Evergreen Surgical Center which opened in 1983, has performed more than 53,000 outpatient procedures since 1989. Projections show a significant increase in surgeries in the next several years.
   The new center doubles the hospital's capacity for outpatient surgery. It has nine separate surgical suites, each equipped with cutting edge anesthesia technology and monitoring devices, endoscopic video systems and innovative instrumentation.
   Surgical procedures performed at the new center include the specialty areas of ear, nose and throat, colorectal, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, podiatry, urology, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic, as well as general surgery procedures. In addition to the Surgical Center, the Evergreen Surgery and Physicians Center includes 60,000 square feet of medical office space, reserved for specialist groups, including Eastside Cardiology Associates, Eastside Internal Medicine, Evergreen Surgical Clinic, Eastside Ear, Nose & Throat and Evergreen Speech & Hearing.
   On the second floor, there is a public meeting room that accommodates up to 60 people, a deli and space for other clinical and specialist support programs, as well as the main entrance to the facility.
   The first floor of the building will eventually be home to the Evergreen Education Center. It will consist of one large multipurpose room and eight individual classrooms. Approximately 9,000 education classes, as well as staff training and coordination activities, are held at the hospital in one year.
   Patients will have easy access to the building, as it is next to the hospital's existing parking garage and in addition, there will be an underground access linking it to the main center. When patients are admitted, they will be assigned to a private room, where family and friends can wait with them. For children having surgery, a special room with a play area is available, where they can be with their parents in a relaxing and welcoming environment.
   Staff will conduct blood draws and start any intravenous lines needed for surgery in a pre-operative area, before patients enter the operating suites for their particular procedures. Following surgery, all patients are monitored in the post anesthesia care unit and then taken to the primary recovery area where they continue to be monitored. Once they have recovered sufficiently from anesthesia, they will be brought to the secondary recovery section where they will be reunited with their family or friends and then receive instructions concerning their care at home.
   For more information about Evergreen's new Surgery & Physicians Center, access the hospitalís web site at: