Northwest NEWS

July 22, 2002


New golf improvement program in Woodinville

by Deborah Stone
   Features Writer
   Nirvana to a golfer is achieving the perfect swing. Veterans of the sport and even beginner players all know that swing has a pivotal role in game improvement. They also realize that working toward the goal of the ideal swing is a never ending process and one that often involves much frustration.
   ModelGolf, a division of CompuSport, LLC (a sports technology company focused on optimizing human performance) combines the science of biomechanics with computer teaching software.
   Recently, Bothell resident Bob Maxwell, opened a ModelGolfTeachingCenter here in Woodinville at Gold Creek Golf and Tennis Club. Maxwell, who participates in a variety of World Cup Golf Tournaments, had heard about ModelGolf from several tour players.
   Together with PGA member and local resident Rob Burruel, Maxwell worked with Shaver to put together a ModelGolf program in Woodinville. They set up their facility in a dome next to the driving range at Gold Creek and have been open since June.
   For more information in participating in the ModelGolf program, call Bob Maxwell at (425) 487-9914 or (206) 387-2040.
   At the initial lesson, a player views a high-speed video of his/her golf swing, which is then compared with his/her Model Swing. An experienced PGA or LPGA instructor will then analyze the player's swing mechanics and show how to align the current swing with the ideal swing. The player leaves with an individual Performance Improvement Program and video, both made available on the ModelGolf website.
   Participants can review their lessons and update their swing profile over the Internet.
   As swing errors disappear, the Personal Improvement Program will identify new errors and provide additional drills and lessons for continuous practice and progression towards one's Model Swing.
   "This program is not a quick fix method," comments Maxwell. "It gives you a lasting, lifelong method for continual improvement. Rather than simply being told how to alter your swing, you are shown exactly how to do it. The visual picture is very helpful. Also, how you practice is important and this method shows you how to practice properly. Many golfers constantly repeat errors in their swing when they practice, without fully realizing what they're doing. ModelGolf helps golfers practice the right way so that they can become consistent in their games."
   In addition to ModelGolf instruction at Gold Creek, on-site custom club fitting and repair is offered, including spine finding and frequency matching of shafts.