Northwest NEWS

July 29, 2002


Letter from departing WHS science teacher

Dear Woodinville:
   First I would like to thank those former students who have taken the time to write letters of support. Teaching has its rewards, and it has been most gratifying to me to hear from some of you who have gotten something out of my chemistry class. After 30 years (I started my career in 1972 at Inglemoor HS) I have grown to love my job. I don't enjoy grading lab reports, and I don't like getting up at 5 a.m., but I really have fun teaching and I love my students.
   WHS has been a great school. The combination of students, parents and teachers (and coaches) has made it so. We have had excellent teachers - our students have always noted the quality of the teachers they have had. I have been privileged to work for and with some of the best.
   At the end of this past school year, on the last day, as I said goodbye to my classes, I can honestly say I was bidding farewell to my friends, and I was not happy to see any of them go.
   WHS has been a wonderful place to teach. Our students are among the best in the country (and I say that with confidence and for several reasons). I have appreciated immensely the supportive parents also.
   I mentioned that I have had fun teaching chemistry. To see the faces of Jimmie and Susie, etc., sitting in the front row as I surprise them with an exploding can or a bright "fire ball" has amused me as much as it has amused the kids.
   We have laughed, gasped and felt a great sense of accomplishment together as the students have overcome initial confusion and figured out tough concepts and problems concerning the mysteries of the natural world.
   Woodinville students, you have been a major part of my life. While I hope to be given the opportunity to teach chemistry again in the near future, I have decided to apply my energies to a different school next year.
   I hope to bring excitement and love of learning to junior high science students. If I can form a relationship with these younger students as I have formed with many of you, I will be happy. Thank you for all you have done for me. It has been a blast - both figuratively and literally.
   Larry Gulberg