Northwest NEWS

July 29, 2002

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Pollutants found in Bothell's Horse Creek

BOTHELL - The City of Bothell requests citizen help to determine the source of pollutants found in Horse Creek (located off NE 180th Street near the Park at Bothell Landing). City of Bothell Public Works staff noticed a sheen in Horse Creek and immediately called Department of Ecology to help determine the cause. State officials took creek samples to determine the exact type of material(s) being dumped. It appears that pollutants were dumped into the storm drainage system and subsequently discharging into Horse Creek. The pollutants have been contained at this time.
   At this time, the City of Bothell Public Works Department, Department of Ecology (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are working together to determine the source and exact product. The Horse Creek cleanup site is temporarily cordoned off while efforts take place over the next few weeks to remove the pollutants.
   "The City of Bothell, working with our state and federal agencies, is doing everything it can to remedy this situation," said City of Bothell Public Works Director Dave Zabell. "We are determined to find out who is responsible, but we need our citizens to keep an eye out for anything suspicious surrounding this issue."
   If anyone has information on the possible source of this spill, contact City of Bothell Surface Water Utility staff at (425) 486.2768 immediately.