Northwest NEWS

August 5, 2002


Concerts offer a glimpse of what could be

My husband and I would like to commend the community groups that have sponsored the musical evenings at Cottage Lake Park. The two concerts thus far have been most enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the second concert. The conductor took the time to explain some things about the instruments as well as the various musical pieces, thus making it a learning experience as well as sheer pleasure. It is also good that children have the opportunity to hear other kinds of music than what bombards us over the airwaves.
   Not only are the concerts first rate in quality, but also they are a gift to the community. Sitting there listening to the music, I found myself thinking of similar concerts in the 1940s and 1950s in the small Midwest town in which I was raised. Is there anything sweeter that sitting on a blanket, snuggled up to the people you love on a summer's eve, listening to live music?
   Woodinville is quickly growing, making it harder to know the people in the community. I see fewer and fewer familiar faces as I go about my errands these days.
   For a couple of brief hours there was a sense of community in the park with a few clusters of people chatting with friends and neighbors. Most of the connections however came from familiar and dear sights tying us together as part of the same human family: a mother patting her baby to sleep; an older couple holding hands; children dancing and moving in the front, some showing strong promise of a musical future; a mother and her look-alike daughter sitting face to face moving in time to the music, taking turns mirroring each other's movements; a solemn little boy chatting with one of the musicians during intermission and then plunking himself down in front, enchanted by the music; children climbing over and cuddling with their parents in the sweet intimate way that only the very young can.
   After 9/11, it seems that we as a people are hungry for deeper connections with each other. No one can claim that several summer concerts are going to make Woodinville like a small town of days gone by. However, before good things can happen someone has to have a dream or a vision. Come to the concerts in the park and catch a glimpse of what could be. Perhaps the concerts among other activities are the beginning building blocks for a richer and more cohesive community.
   Thanks again for your sponsorship, along with the other committees for these wonderful concerts. I urge those who have not had the pleasure of attending, to come and enjoy some very special evenings.
   Mary Resnick, Woodinville