Northwest NEWS

August 5, 2002


King County seeks input on arterial roads

Arterial roadways are some of the most important in King County's unincorporated roads system. They carry the bulk of the traffic in unincorporated areas, and connect rural and urban areas into a transportation network.
   King County has recently produced a public review draft of an Arterial Classification Study, and is seeking public comment on the report.
   The report specifies which streets should be designated as arterials, and which of three classifications to assign to each street. An information booth will be set up at the Duvall Safeway Store, 14020 Main St. Northeast on Saturday, Aug. 10 from 10 a.m. to noon.
   The public is invited to view displays showing the draft recommendations and the process for arterial classification, and fill out comment sheets. There will also be information on King County's efforts to update its roads standards.
   For more information, contact Marnie McGrath at (206) 684-1154 (voice), (206) 684-1682 (TTY), or (206) 263-3489 (fax); or email her at
   Read more about the Draft Arterial Classification Study on the Internet at: