Northwest NEWS

August 12, 2002


Traffic death memorials revisited

This is in response to the "SR203 should be a nice drive in the country" July 22 Letter to the Editor. As a parent who has suffered the loss of a child due to a very tragic car vs. bike accident five years ago, I feel that I must respond to this ignorance.
   Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, we do still live in a free country. With that said, unless you yourself have suffered this type of tragedy you have no idea what is needed in order to grieve, heal and move forward in your life after suffering such a loss.
   These memorials, or "morbid littering signage" as you state in your letter, are very necessary for family and friends of the deceased. They allow a place to go and reflect on that person, to remember. Some people are not comfortable in a cemetery, and another place to grieve and remember is very necessary for the healing process.
   These memorials are usually dismantled around the one-year anniversary of the accident. I do not believe they are an eyesore or a hazard if they are well maintained by the family and friends.
   Instead of attacking these memorials, why not think of them as reminders. Reminders that we are all here for only a short time and we should treat others with some kindness and compassion.
   Some of these memorials have actually saved lives, causing young and older drivers to think twice about driving recklessly. You never know, someday one of those roadside memorials may have your loved one's name on it.
   Just something to think about.
   Tamara Daniels, Lake Marcel, Carnation