Northwest NEWS

August 12, 2002


To the people of Lake Marcel:

I have noticed that 75 percent of the cars that pass by my property are exceeding the speed limit, which is 25 mph and no more than that. I have begun video taping (with sound and video of license numbers) cars that are exceeding the speed limit and I will be handing the tapes over to the King County Police very soon if I do not see a reduction in speed.
   I have seen children walking or skate boarding along and people are passing them by at speeds well above the posted speed limit (sometimes at speeds above 60 mph). Does this community care at all about these children that could very easily be hit by one of these drivers? If you care, Speak out!
   To the speeders: Lake Marcel is posted at 25 mph and no more than that. This means that you can only travel up to 25 mph, not 25 mph and above. What would you do if a child ran out into the street in front of your car as you were going 35 mph? I'll tell you that 99.9 percent of you do not have quick enough reactions to either stop or maneuver your car from hitting that poor innocent child or person. Learn to drive safely, slowly, cautiously. If you want to drive fast, do it at the track.
   Professional racers can tell you, that you have to always be on the lookout for obstacles no matter what they are. If you think you have a fast car, prove it at the track not on the streets. Plus, if you're in a hurry and think that by going a few miles above the speed limit will get you there faster, think how long it would take you if you ran over someone.
   I'll tell you this. You won't be going anywhere except to prison for manslaughter or vehicular homicide. Think about that.
   A very concerned citizen of Lake Marcel