Northwest NEWS

August 12, 2002


A strike would hurt the wrong people

*We have never regretted our decision to send our children to public schools and are grateful for the educational opportunities offered in the Northshore School District.

Traffic death memorials revisited

*This is in response to the "SR203 should be a nice drive in the country" July 22 Letter to the Editor. As a parent who has suffered the loss of a child due to a very tragic car vs. bike accident five years ago, I feel that I must respond to this ignorance.

State championship was a letdown

*I have a story of thirteen 9- and10-year-old girls and two fantastic coaches, Dennis Gau and Tim Fenney, who made history recently without one ounce of recognition.

Speak up or change the city motto

*I read with interest the article "Woodinville's changing downtown landscape" in the July 22 edition of the Woodinville Weekly.

To find out how roundabout is working, ask the drivers

*In your article about the proposed roundabout at the Hollywood Hill intersection (July 29), City Engineer Joseph Seet indicated the existing roundabout in Monroe was "super," according to the WSDOT.

To the people of Lake Marcel:

*I have noticed that 75 percent of the cars that pass by my property are exceeding the speed limit, which is 25 mph and no more than that.

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