Northwest NEWS

August 12, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

Compiled by John Price from Woodinville Police reports
   Aug. 4: Police received a phone call from a driver reporting a dead body lying in the road in the 15200 block of 155th Avenue Northeast. Officers responded to the area, but knew that they had received three other reports of teens throwing a "body" off the Tolt pipeline bridge at oncoming cars. At the bridge officers found a grey Acura parked with a case of beer sitting on the ground behind the car. They walked up to the bridge and found a pair of pants and a sweatshirt stuffed with newspaper. Lying right next to the "body" were half-empty beer cans.
   Officers retrieved the evidence and returned to the unlocked car where they found the owner's name and telephone number. While one officer called a tow truck, the second officer dialed the owner. However when the officer identified himself, the owner hung up. After the third hang up, the officer called one final time and told the owner his car was being impounded. The owner hung up again, but within a few minutes two teenage boys appeared and wanted to know why their car was being towed. When officers pulled the "body" out of the trunk, the teens spontaneously stated that they didn't hit any cars. They clarified that by telling how the "body" had been thrown at their car and then they jumped out and chased the real culprits. When officers explained that they'd been on the scene for an hour, the teens described a very lengthy foot chase through yards, fields, barns and the sort, but after an hour of running, the real suspects had eluded them. Officers noted that the boys were not out of breath, weren't sweating, had no brush or leaves on their clothes and that their white tennis shoes were totally clean. Although the teens denied drinking, officers smelled alcohol on their breath.
   Both boys' parents were called and they were released into their parent's custody.
   Aug. 2: Officers received a call about two mountain bikes dumped in the slough in the 13000 block of Northeast 175th. Officers recovered the bikes and ran records checks to see if they had been reported stolen. When the report returned that they were not stolen, officers cleaned the bikes up and donated them to families with children who needed but couldn't afford bikes.