Northwest NEWS

August 12, 2002

Front Page

Grand opening at Dougherty House

by Tove Burhen
   The public is invited to a grand opening ceremony for the restored historic Dougherty House on Sunday, Aug. 18 at 2 p.m. The event is hosted by the Duvall Historical Society.
   Following 18 years of care and concern, the Duvall Historical Society can finally say that the house has been renovated and made accessible to the public.
   Following Leo Dougherty's death in 1983, the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle owned the farmstead and leased the house to the historical society. With a county grant in 1985-86, the society stabilized the house and put on a new roof. The members worked on the yard and interior and hoped to open the house for tours. They gave tours of the empty house to school children, emphasizing old-fashioned washday and ironing day and telling the story of the house and the Doughertys since its beginning in 1888.
   The Archiocese put the property on the market and the historical society lost its lease. After several years of inattention, the property was purchased by King County and given to the city of Duvall.
   Again the Duvall Historical Society had a lease and another county grant. This time the cleaning, painting and furnishing were accomplished by the society members, the plumbing work was donated by Cherry Valley Plumbing and the other big items heat, electrical and alarm system were contracted and paid for by the grant.
   The city, on its part of the grant, worked on the exterior needs of the farmstead parking lot, sidewalks, handicapped lift, steps, sewer and water hookups.
   Duvall Historical Society project manager Ray Burhen and Connie Zimmerman, city of Duvall capital project manager and liaison to the society, worked together to bring about the successful completion of this part of the renovation.
   Other parts of the farmstead are planned for more renovation, including the bunkhouse, where Kate Dougherty once boarded eight loggers.
   On Sunday, Aug. 18, the Duvall Historical Society will recognize the people who have worked to restore the farmstead. Following the ceremony, there will be refreshments and tours of the house led by society members.
   The tours will emphasize the interesting history of the Doughertys and the beginnings of Duvall. The house has been furnished with donations of early 20th century furniture to achieve a look that is like that of Kate Dougherty's home.
   The public is invited to attend the opening or to see the house on following Sunday afternoons between 2 and 5 p.m.
   To find the the Dougherty House, turn onto Cherry Valley Road at the north end of Duvall. The King County Landmark is the first house on the left on Cherry Valley Road.