Northwest NEWS

August 19, 2002


Who needs it?

I had to chuckle in disbelief when I read about the fishing experience of Bill Foreman and his son. As a boy I grew up fishing in the many rivers, lakes, ponds and streams of the Midwest. Almost 30 years ago we moved to Washington, and I relished the potential for fishing in this renowned part of the country and was excited about sharing the joys of fishing with my son in the beautiful outdoors of Washington.
   However, I quickly became aware of the convoluted and intimidating regulations controlling the state's waters.
   So I hung up my fishing gear and got on with the new career and raising a young family. My son got involved in game sports and never learned to fish. Now I'm retired and would love to relive some of my boyhood memories of fishing in the great outdoors, but my old fishing gear is still hanging in the garage and I imagine it's going to stay there. When I think of the tangle of bureaucratic silliness that Foreman and his son encountered, I just shrug it off and say, "Who needs it?" Instead, I just settle in at the nearest Starbuck's, sip my latte, and read the latest Woodinville Weekly.
   Duvall Police Chief Glenn Merryman is quoted as saying, "The last thing we want to do is discourage the use of our waterways." Really?
   Gerry Wallace, Woodinville