Northwest NEWS

August 19, 2002


We need to follow game laws

Like Mr. Foreman, I am also a father of two young children. I enjoy very much the time I spend with them, especially fishing, but I am also a law-abiding citizen who is well aware of the laws regulating fish harvesting. Without them our fish survival rate would decrease greatly.
   If Mr. Foreman (and anyone else for that matter) is not aware of the depletion of our salmon runs and the lack of returning steelhead to our rivers and lakes, he needs to invest some of his free time catching up with the times.
   As an avid hunter and fisherman, I've seen my share of questionable laws come and go, and some real blunders by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). But the laws are there in black and white for everyone to read and carry with them. I've lived in and around the Snoqualmie Valley all of my life and fished many of its waters.
   If I might make a suggestion, I would recommend looking around at all of the fine trout lakes that are adjacent to the valley just minutes from Duvall. These are stocked by the WDFW and volunteers to allow just what you were trying to accomplish, providing an excellent opportunity at not only spending time with family, but also catching a few fish to take home for dinner. The law is there for all of us to follow. It doesn't matter if you are in a guide's boat or flinging a worm on a stick from shore. We are all the same under the law. Please read and follow your regulations. It makes it safer and more enjoyable for us all.
   Will St. Germain, Woodinville