Northwest NEWS

August 19, 2002


Woodinville-Duvall Bridge repair ahead of schedule

*Let me be the first one to say I can hardly wait for that bridge to open up again. I'm the one who lives within throwing distance of the city of Duvall; I just can't seem to get there.

Who needs it?

*I had to chuckle in disbelief when I read about the fishing experience of Bill Foreman and his son. As a boy I grew up fishing in the many rivers, lakes, ponds and streams of the Midwest.

We need to follow game laws

*Like Mr. Foreman, I am also a father of two young children. I enjoy very much the time I spend with them, especially fishing, but I am also a law-abiding citizen who is well aware of the laws regulating fish harvesting.

Conspiracy to commit wormery?

*Being newly enrolled in the citizen army of national TIPsters and more than ever alert to the blatant criminal activity around us, I read with interest your feature article on the adventures of Mr. Foreman while fishing with his son.

What's your vision for city?

*In 1995 the City Council went through a process of defining the community's vision for Woodinville.

Too much "green" influence

*Two items on the King County Council's growth management committee's July 16 agenda underscore the influence of "green" environmentalists on our land use regulations.

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