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August 19, 2002

Local News


Recycle center with a new attitude opens next summer

by Bronwyn Wilson
   Senior Staff Reporter
   Cascade Recycling Center, an 84,000 square foot facility, will open July 2003 with a unique feature.
   The new Woodinville plant, which will employ 80 people and process 128,000 tons of recyclable material annually, will have an educational component.
   Jerry Hardebeck, Special Projects Manager for Wastes Management Northwest, explains that visiting schools and organizations can come to the center to learn about recycling. "We'll have a viewing room where kids can see what happens to the material put out at the curb in the morning," he says. "It will be an elevated room where they can look down on the plant."
   Students will observe the recycle process and watch items, like cans and glass, go from sorting to crushing to baling to shipping.
   The center will generate 350 bales of recycled materials daily, processing cans, glass, plastic, mixed waste, paper, newspaper, and construction debris. The debris, such as wood, cardboard and metal, will be processed into new building materials. Hardebeck notes an example, saying, "The wood will be used to make new siding."
   He points out another unique feature of the new center. "What makes it unique is its ability to process fully commingled commodities," he says, explaining that commingled commodities means all recyclables are put in one container.
   Because of this ability, customers will switch from using three recycle bins to one cart sometime in 2004.
   On Thursday, Aug. 14, city and county dignitaries attended a ceremonial groundbreaking to inaugurate the center's new beginning at 14020 NE 190th St. The facility, once completed, will have the distinction of being one of two plants of its kind on the west coast as well as the largest recycling center on the west coast.
   "Next week we'll start moving dirt," says Hardebeck adding that construction will take nine months and inserting the equipment will take another two.
   "We're excited about the location," he says, "and we're looking forward to working with the City of Woodinville."