Northwest NEWS

August 26, 2002


Lake Marcel Speeding, Part 2

This letter is in response to the person who wrote the letter in the August 12th edition about exceeding the speed limit in Lake Marcel. First, if I were someone who sped regularly in Lake Marcel, you would have made me want to speed even more. It was a well-written letter if the intention was to make everyone angry, but if you were trying to solve a problem, you failed.
   I don't know how or why you choose to find the time to video tape people driving and then threaten to show the police, but I find it quite childish. I highly doubt the police will issue a speeding ticket to someone based on home video footage, simply because the police did not witness it.
   There is no way to determine the actual speed the vehicle was going, nor do they have proof of who was driving the vehicle. I understand that speeding is an issue in Lake Marcel, but if it is a such a big dilemma, you need to contact the police and have them come out here and patrol us, NOT YOU.
   In the future if you plan on writing a letter and putting down your entire community (except you of course), I would appreciate it if you could be a little more respectful rather than telling us that we will all end up in jail for manslaughter because we ran over someone.
   Also a Lake Marcel resident