Northwest NEWS

August 26, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

August 19: A man called a local hotel / resort in the 14500 block of Northeast 145th saying that his son and his girlfriend had a broken-down car and would be arriving shortly to check-in.
   The caller gave two credit card numbers which were both rejected. Hotel staff let the couple check in on the understanding that the father would call back with a valid credit card.
   The dad called back and gave staff a third credit card which was approved.
   The couple stayed at the hotel for two days running up a considerable bill which included room service. \When cleaning staff entered the room on the third day they discovered the couple gone along with the hotel's DVD player and stereo equipment.
   When the manager attempted to charge the bill, including the missing property, he discovered that the card was no longer valid.
   Police arrived and gathered evidence, including multiple sets of prints.
   August 19: ĘThe manager of a shoe store in the 17900 block of Garden Way watched a man milling about the store. Bending down to take a phone call, the manager looked up to see the man running out of the store with two boxes of shoes under his arm.
   The manager gave pursuit but could not keep up with the suspect. She described the suspect to police as a white male, 5'-10", skinny, 160 pounds, short curly dirty-blond hair in his late 20s or early 30s.
   August 16: A man in the 13300 block of Northeast 171st reported an attempted auto theft to police.
   The victim came out of his apartment to find the rear window of his 2001 Honda Accord smashed out and the steering column and ignition damaged.
   No other property in the car was disturbed.