Northwest NEWS

August 26, 2002


Rachel Scott is Wohelo recipient

Camp Fire has announced that Rachel Scott, a junior at Cedarcrest High School, is a Wohelo recipient.
   She completed several steps in order to earn the Wohelo Award, Camp Fire's highest award given to youth. She completed four Reflections, each of which focused on some of the important areas of her life and in the future, including getting a job, managing money and handling alcohol and drugs.
   She also read Wohelo: The History of Camp Fire, helping her to understand Camp Fire's rich past. Of her experience, Rachel said, "I got to work with wonderful people and made many great memories."
   Rachel also chose three issues of importance to her to advocate. Rachel served for several years as the lead of a babysitting team composed of older Camp Fire youth, advocating safe and fun child care. She advocated the building of outdoor skills as the key organizer for Group Camping weekend at Camp Sealth for several years.
   Rachel was an advocate for the elderly as well, and organized an overnight event for former Camp Fire and Girl Scout alumni at Camp Sealth on Vashon Island. She also arranged for several Camp Fire groups to interact with the women before the event at a local senior center.
   When asked how she has benefited from the award, Rachel said, "Camp Fire has taught me a lot about striving for my goals and always doing my best."
   Rachel continues to be active in her community by continuing to volunteer for Camp Fire, as well as participating in the Honor Society and on her drill team at Cedarcrest High School.