Northwest NEWS

September 2, 2002


Honey Lady spreads sweetness and humor at Woodinville Farmers Market

by Lincoln Potter
   Who says a "Honey Lady" has to be sweet? From her perch behind her table at the Saturday Woodinville Farmers Market, Valerie pins you with her East Coast ready humor and eye-crinkling smile. This is a no-nonsense lady when it comes to her flock of honeys.
   "When I went to my first apiary class several years ago, about all I understood was "and" and "the." From our first year's harvest we hardly got enough honey for ourselves; the second year we hoarded everything we could produce; the third year we got over it. It was time to go to market.
   Honey is honey right? Not hardly. Valerie starts doling out samples and each variety is as different as the flowers they came from. Not like the flowers, just really, really different. Maple honey? It's so strong and strange, your taste buds have to struggle to understand you're tasting honey. She starts her wine connoisseur's spiel: "The berry honeys are intensely sweet with a floral bouquet, a bare hint of berry and, like fine wine, you should clear your palate before you try the stronger amber honeys from the late summer and autumn blossoms." But you can't miss the complexity of taste from Valerie's table of sweet adventures.
   Val's exotic stand is at the Woodinville Farmers Market, open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. next to the Woodinville Community Center at 13205 NE 175th St. in downtown Woodinville.
   For information call (425) 485 1042.