Northwest NEWS

September 9, 2002


Innovativeness should be rewarded

I would like to express my disappointment with the actions taken against Dr. Gulberg at Woodinville High School. I think it was a prime example of rigid administrative rules taking precedence over providing good education. It demonstrated that concerns are not with educational outcome and performance, but that all of the "rules" are closely followed along the way. Rules first; results are okay, but not mandatory.
   My son was a student of Dr Gulberg's and graduated in 2000. I still remember his excitement with the prospect of being in Dr. Gulberg's class and the stories he told around the dinner table about the experiments they conducted. He participated in Science Club and loved the encouragement provided by Dr. Gulberg. In fact, he is now a biology major at UPS. I find it ironic on one hand, and horrific on the other, that Dr. Gulberg's success with the Science Club would earn him praise and media attention as a great teacher, followed by attacks from school administration and others in the community for his efforts to make class interesting and exciting.
   There was one comment I read in the newspaper that I found particularly disturbing. A school district representative was quoted as saying, "Dr. Gulberg's actions show he lacks moral character." I think his dedication and success as a teacher, demonstrate quite the opposite. The district's failure to defend an outstanding teacher, their willingness to quickly attack him in order to deflect criticism from district administration was not admirable.
   Might the responsibility lie with the district administration and school board for not providing proper facilities to conduct science experiments? Education leaders talk about doing more for science and math, so why not step up and be a leader?
   Rather than dismiss or transfer Dr. Gulberg, I think the NorthShore School District should build him a lab to properly conduct science classes. Let's reward someone who is innovative in the quest to make education exciting, fun and effective!
   Paul Jacobson, Woodinville