Northwest NEWS

September 9, 2002


Program turns daughter into reader

I am writing in response to last weeks story on Northshore School District's LITERACY LINKS. Our family made the commitment and are we all so very proud of our daughter. She was a 3rd grader and now she is going into 4th grade and we believe she is ready, due to the Northshore Literacy Link program. She literally gave up her summer to do this and boy did it work! Besides keeping her brain working throughout the summer she is now a reader and a writer and she loves it!
   When she started the program the 1st of July she did not like to read or write and she was not up to her 3rd grade level. She complained when ever she had to or was asked to do it. Now that she completed the program and did good in it she does reading and writing on her own. She will be around the house and she will just be writing stories for fun.
   The stories she writes show her imagination and her dedication that she gave all summer. At her daycare this summer they had a reading program.
   She won! She read 18 books all summer long! Her family is so very proud of her but most of all she is proud of herself and that is something that we the Smith family thank Northshore School District for.
   Genny Smith, Bothell