Northwest NEWS

September 9, 2002


Fall Japan Festival - Sept. 14-15

The Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association in association with Bellevue Community College (BCC) presents its colorful Aki Matsuri (Fall Festival) of Japanese culture and arts at BCC on Sept. 14-15 (Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.),.
   This free event offers its theme teahouse in the BCC gym marking the understated elegance of Japanese culture, many exhibits and stage performances.
   For the first time ever in this area, there will be a lively "o-mikoshi procession." After a proper Shinto rite, visitor volunteers will carry a genuine portable shrine from the Tsubaki Grand Shrine in Granite Falls in a colorful procession on the BCC campus, a feature in many festivals in Japan.
   Exhibitors will include:
   An exhibit and demonstration of Japanese joinery and carpentry methods by master Dale Brotherton, head of the Takumi Company
   A display of Japanese kimekomi dolls. A retired U.S. Army colonel who teaches this art will demonstrate the techniques for making these visually stunning display dolls wearing elegant silk kimono. Modern techniques and kits make these dolls doable by anyone interested in creating something of enduring beauty.
   Demonstrations of robot sumo with foot-high mechanized wrestlers trying to dump each other on a tabletop sumo ring
   A traveling exhibit of exquisite pressed flowers from Japan
   A bonsai workshop
   Exhibits and demonstrations of mizuhiki (decorative items of woven paper cords) and sumi paintings
   On stage in the BCC gym for both days of the festival will be dancers, taiko drummers and musicians (including a koto-shakuhachi-samisen trio) and others skilled in Japan's performing arts.
   In a separate corner of the gym, a variety of Japan's defensive martial arts will be demonstrated and explained again this year.
   A Japanese narrator with picture-boards will demonstrate a story-telling format that entertained children in Japan before TV and electronic games took over.
   Stalls offering Japanese foods for a nominal charge will be available, and Mrs. Moriyama, author of Japanese cookbooks, will demonstrate her cooking techniques.
   This family-oriented festival (and parking on campus) is free to the public.
   To learn more, open the website at or call (425) 861-9109.