Northwest NEWS

September 9, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

Compiled by John Price from Woodinville Police reports
   Aug. 24: A man residing in the 18100 block of 142nd Avenue Northeast returned from work to find his bathroom window jimmied open. A trail of dirty footprints led around the apartment, but nothing appeared to be missing or disturbed. The apartment manager reported finding the letters "OD" tagged on the outside of the building.
   Aug. 24:ĘThe owner of a car parked at the park & ride in the 17800 block of 140th Avenue Northeast returned to find his car damaged. The suspect pryed open the locked door with a screw driver and then pulled apart the ignition. It appears that the suspect could not hotwire the car, so he took a portable CD player and 24 CDs.
   Aug. 23: A woman entered a store in the 13600 block of Northeast 175th and purchased $48 worth of dog and horse supplies. The store clerk noted that the woman wore a heavy bulky coat even though it was sunny and hot outside. The woman left the store before the clerk learned that the check was invalid and stolen. The clerk got a license plate and described the woman as white female 35-40 years old, 5'8" with long red hair.