Northwest NEWS

September 16, 2002


Residents have the right to ensure safety in their neighborhoods

I was appalled when I read the response to the letter urging drivers in Lake Marcel to slow down. If it angered you, than you are obviously NOT a very good neighbor or a fan of safety for children or others who are enjoying our neighborhoods.
   It is so sad that your response was even printed! What a waste of space. We as residents do have the right to take down license plate numbers and video tape or talk to motorists who break the law and ignore safety.
   Please ask your local police department. They can advise you on citizen rights. It amazes me that a person can be shunned for being kind enough to ask his neighbors to respect the law instead of just calling the police. I am sure that this is an issue that has been going on far too long.
   To end this letter, all I have to say is self control and respect keep peace and safety!
   A respectful resident of Lake Marcel