Northwest NEWS

September 16, 2002


Random Act of Kindness

I want to publicly acknowledge a good Samaritan who saved me from having a caffeine attack in Duvall at CC's Espresso. Seriously, it was the random act of kindness that deserves a public thanks.
   On Sunday, a random act of kindness made my day
   And, of course, it came about in an unexpected way.
   My sweetie and I drove to CC's in Duvall for a shot
   We were craving caffeine, extra tall and hot.
   My husband felt his back pocket and found it flat
   No money, no latte, and that was that!
   The disappointment showed in my screwed up face
   Which looked like I'd been sprayed with mace.
   A bearded gentleman in overalls sat at a table nearby
   Enjoying his coffee and watching out the corner of his eye
   He quickly sized up the situation and then promptly arose
   And generously offered to pay as he drew close.
   We hesitated for only a moment, then said yes
   Our benefactor's name we did not know or guess
   When we said thank-you, he made this one condition
   If you see someone in need, pass on the kindness, that is your mission.
   Belle Schmidt, Monroe