Northwest NEWS

September 16, 2002


Business support appreciated

I am a member of the Riverview Educational Foundation. As such, I was asked to help solicit donations and prizes to support our major fundraiser, the REF Golf Classic. I have to admit that I was not looking forward to this task at all.
   Between the sluggish economy and news of local businesses suffering from the bridge and road closures, I was filled with dread at having to ask these businesses for donations. But it is for our children, I told myself, and so I persisted.
   I could not believe the response I received from our local businesses. Every business owner that I talked to face to face offered to support our organization in one form or another. And I know many of my colleagues have also received positive responses.
   To the citizens of Duvall and Carnation, please remember to support your local businesses, they depend on you, and they give so much back to our community.
   To all of our local businesses, a big thank you, your generosity is overwhelming!
   Suzanne Boyd, Duvall