Northwest NEWS

September 16, 2002


Legislative information now available on-line

The Metropolitan King County Council today announced that Legisearch, the Council's automated legislative tracking system is now available to the public via the internet. King County is the first local government in the country to make this information available to the public on-line.
   Information regarding legislation, including ordinances, all attachments, the history of the ordinances, and other information such as fiscal notes and PowerPoint presentations, has been available to councilmembers and council staff since the introduction of the Legistar system in 2000. With the introduction of a web-based version of the Legistar program, the Clerk of the Council worked with the vender to enhance the Legistar system and make it available to the public through Legisearch.
   By logging onto, computer users will have access to:
   Text of all versions of legislation.
   All attachments that are part of the legislation.
   A complete history as the legislation passes through the council.
   Executive and council staff contact information.
   Enactment number and the date.