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September 16, 2002

Local News

Metro Transit launches

improved bus service for SR 522
   Significant improvements to bus service along the State Route 522 corridor highlight the upcoming King County Metro Transit service change beginning Saturday, Sept. 28.
   Metro updates its routes and scheduling three times a year in February, June and September to improve service and keep up with the changing needs of transit passengers.
   King County and Sound Transit are introducing an integrated set of transit improvements for the SR 522 corridor between Woodinville and Seattle.
   Sound Transit is introducing a new express route - Route 522 - that will provide all-day express service. Metro is changing several of its routes in that corridor to reduce duplication in service and coordinate with the new Sound Transit service.
   The main changes for Metro include the elimination of Route 307 and added service on Routes 41, 312 and 372. A trip from Woodinville to downtown Seattle via the new service on Route 522 should be 10-20 minutes faster than on Route 307.
   According to Metro, these changes will provide faster service between Woodinville and downtown Seattle, increase frequency between Bothell and Lake City, and expand service to both the University of Washington's Bothell campus and the Cascadia Community College campus.
   Metro is also consolidating bus stops along the SR 522 corridor to improve travel times for its routes and maximize passenger safety. Approximately 10 bus stops between Bothell and Lake City Way are being closed to encourage passengers to cross at signalized intersections and locations with mid-road islands. Improved passenger facilities such as shelters, benches, and better lighting are being planned for several of these locations.
   New purple timetables will be available Sept. 19, along with "Special Rider Alert" brochures, on buses and at Metro information racks, libraries, and work sites.
   For detailed information, visit Metro On-line after Sept. 19 at, or call Metro Rider Information at (206) 553-3000.
   Visit Metro's On-line Trip Planner at after Sept. 19 to plan trips that will include the upcoming changes.
   Enter a travel date after Sept. 28 for trip plans that reflect the new and changed service.