Northwest NEWS

September 23, 2002


Clarification about Sept. 11 ceremony

   The Woodinville High School ASB Leadership Class would like to make a clarification with regard to a statement made in last week's paper. Students of WHS put together a 20-minute memorial ceremony which was held in the courtyard at 9:05 a.m. on Sept. 11 to honor the victims and their families involved in the tragedy of Sept. 11. Although attendance was not mandatory it was obvious that nearly all of the 1,500 students at WHS were present. The ceremony included several student readings, a poem, and the Star Spangled Banner, sung by an ensemble of our choir. Taps was also played by a music student at the conclusion the ceremony. We will continue to recognize these important events in the future. As always, we strive for as much student involvement and community support as possible.
   ASB Leadership Class,
   Woodinville High School