Northwest NEWS

September 23, 2002


What kind of example is being set?

   I am writing regarding a complaint published last week expressing disappointment that "the first anniversary of Sept. 11 was neither noted or observed in several of our schools, including Woodinville High School.
   I am not sure of the research methods used to arrive at this brilliant conclusion, but being a student at Woodinville High, I know that we did, in fact, honor the events of 9/11.
   Not only were we asked to dress formally or wear patriotic colors on that day, but we also had an assembly outside in which a poem was read and a moment of silence was given for silent reflection. But who knows, maybe the anonymous author was right in their allegation, and the 1,500 students at Woodinville High School fell victim to a synchonized hallucination.
   Unfortunately we may never know, because while "Name Withheld By Request" was so adamant in their patriotism, they were too ashamed to take responsibility for their words.
   What kind of example is being set?
   Evan Brand, 10th grade,
   Woodinville High School