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September 23, 2002


Two against Brightwater

*This letter is to express our outrage at the proposal to build King County's sewer in our neighborhood.

Don't make 'maybe' a part of our community

*To live with a solid sewage treatment plant or not, that is the question! We live in a transition area caught in the struggle of a fading rural life style and the onslaught of urban complexity. Oh, what can we do?

Credit cards are a country club option

*Residents in the Woodinville Water District recently received a letter regarding new, "easier" bill paying options.

Family needs support and help from community

*Country Squire Home Furnishings opened a little over a year ago in Woodinville. It is a wonderful consignment/new furniture store that has been a great addition to our business community.

Clarification about Sept. 11 ceremony

*The Woodinville High School ASB Leadership Class would like to make a clarification with regard to a statement made in last week's paper.

This letter is in response to "An explanation is due"

*I'm disappointed that a parent would write a letter to the editor without checking to see if they had the correct information. Sept. 11 was properly observed by the entire Northshore School District, including Woodinville High School.

Proud to be at Sept. 11 assembly

*In response to the letter in the September 16, 2002, Woodinville Weekly demanding an explanation regarding why the one year anniversary of Sept. 11 went by without recognition, I feel that "Name withheld by request" should check her facts before criticizing Wooodinville High School.

What kind of example is being set?

*I am writing regarding a complaint published last week expressing disappointment that "the first anniversary of Sept. 11 was neither noted or observed in several of our schools, including Woodinville High School.

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