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September 23, 2002

Local News

Bothell Police adds Taser to crime-fighting toolbox

Bothell Police officers were recently issued M26 Advanced Tasers to carry while on duty.
   The Taster is a tool the officers can use to subdue a violent offender rather than resorting to other traditional methods of physical force, such as hand-to-hand combat or the use of a baton, both of which are more likely to result in injury to the offender and/or the officer.
   The Taser has proven to be effective on a majority of violent offenders with no ill side- effects. Many police departments, including Seattle, Lynnwood, Kirkland and Bellevue are now carrying Tasers.
   Bothell Police officers are required to complete a Taser training course taught by certified instructors. Any time an officer uses the Taser, the officer must complete a report specifying why it was used and how it was applied. Officers can utilize Tasers in a variety of circumstances in order to gain control of non-compliant individuals or those who resist arrest.