Northwest NEWS

September 23, 2002


A letter from Valley Forge to be topic of DAR essay contest

During the winter of 2002-2003, the United States will commemorate the 225th anniversary of George Washington's troop encampment at Valley Forge.
   The Elizabeth Bixby Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, encourages you to learn more about the spirit and bravery of the men and women who helped make Valley Forge a landmark in America's fight for independence.
   The topic for the DAR American History Essay for the year 2002 is "A Letter From Valley Forge: 1776-1778." Any student in grades 5, 6, 7 or 8 may enter.
   This contest is conducted without regard to gender, color, religion or national origin.
   The student may attend any public, private, parochial school or be in a registered home study program.
   Call Gloria Swanson at (425) 788-9624 for a more detailed explanation.