Northwest NEWS

September 30, 2002


Breakdown in leadership

*This is not about Woodinville versus Edmonds or Mountlake Terrace.

Woodinville is in danger of losing control of its destiny

*As a longtime resident of Woodinville, and a property owner along the Woodinville-Snohomish Road, both inside and outside of the Woodinville city limits, I have to express my concern about the "Brightwater" Sewer project.

Generosity and love created a beautiful day

*The family of Jocelyn Duff would like to thank everyone who participated in and contributed to making the Jocelyn Duff "Fun" Raising Day a huge success.

Elected officials need to know

*We won't get the maximum bang-for-the-buck from our road taxes unless and until we voters persuade our elected officials that indeed there is a price-tag limit on environmental spending.

Ordinance change could lead to Brightwater and bus barn

*I believe that changes to the Snohomish County ordinances may be intended as a method to avoid the legal roadblocks which have so far prevented the Bus Barn's arrival in our neighborhood.

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