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September 30, 2002

Local News

City Council to hear I-776 testimony at public hearing

WOODINVILLE - The Woodinville City Council is hosting a public hearing to accept citizen testimony on Initiative 776.
   The hearing is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 7, at 7:30 p.m. at Woodinville City Hall in the Council Chambers, 17301 133rd Ave. NE.
   I-776 is a proposed limitation on government-imposed charges on motor vehicles and will be on the November voters' ballot.
   Opponents and proponents of I-776 may give testimony to the City Council during the public hearing.
   I-776 proposes changes in state law regarding license tab fees, motor vehicle excise tax (MVET), and light rail bonds.
   Specifically, I-776
   requires license tab fees for light trucks (8,000 lbs or less) to be $30 per year (The current fee is $55.);
   eliminates the authorization for voter-approved local option MVET for transit;
   requires outstanding bonds for Sound Transit light rail be retired;
   repeals the $15 local option vehicle license fee for Douglas, King, Pierce and Snohomish counties;
   repeals MVET related statutes including exemptions, valuation requirements and revenue distribution statutes that were in effect when MVET was collected by the state.
   Currently cities in King County receive a portion of the license fee revenue, which is formulated on population. The City of Woodinville applies this revenue to the Street Fund, which supports the neighborhood safety program, street lighting, pedestrian crossings, road preservation, vegetation maintenance and traffic data management. The loss of this revenue would require reductions of these programs or reductions of unrelated City programs to use the money to subsidize the street programs.
   Detailed information on I-776 can be found at Washington State, Office of Financial Management