Northwest NEWS

September 30, 2002


Duvall Taekwon Do team earns seven medals at Oregon Invitational

   A Duvall Taekwon Do team traveled to Salem, Oregon for the Salem Taekwon Do Invitational the weekend of Sept. 21 and 22.ΚΚ
   They came back with seven medals. Joel Smith finished 1st in Sparring, Blue Belt Youth. Patrick Baker finished 1st in Sparring for White/Yellow Belt Men and 1st in Hyungs (Patterns). Cherie Baker finished 1st in Hyungs and 2nd in Sparring for Yellow Belt Women.
   Bob Crouch (Duvall's 4th Dan Black Belt Instructor) finished 2nd in Sparring Black Belt Heavy Weight Men and 2nd in Hyungs for Black Belts.
   There were approximately 150 competitors from all over Washington and Oregon, with 28 Black Belts participating.