Northwest NEWS

October 7, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

compiled by John Price from Woodinville Police reports
   Oct.1: A man parked his car in the 17600 block of Garden Way Northeast and walked over to the movies. Upon his return he discovered his car was missing. He contacted the police who did not find any signs of a forced entry. The car belonged to the man's ex-wife, but when officers contacted the woman, she knew nothing about the missing car.
   Sept. 29: Around 5:50 p.m. employees returned to their storage yard in the 20300 block of 144th Avenue Northeast to see a man standing in front of a Coke machine. When the suspect saw the employees he turned and ran. Employees found that the Coke machine had been opened with an acetylene torch. The suspect was in the process of loading two pickup trucks with pop and water. One of the trucks belonged to the business and the other was an employee's truck. The keys were left in the ignition because the yard is locked and secured.
   Officers arrived and dispatched a dog to track the fleeing suspect. The dog locked on the scent and led officers to a portion of the fence where the suspect used wire cutters to enter. The scent went cold a few feet past the fence. Officers returned to the scene and lifted several sets of prints. The case is under investigation.
   Sept. 19: Police received a call from a woman who reported that a man on a motorcycle rode up to her car in traffic and kicked the driver's side mirror and then fled weaving in and out of traffic and 140th Avenue Northeast. She reported that several minutes later the motorcycle approached her car again and this time the rider kicked the rear quarter panel causing a large dent. The woman said she did nothing wrong and had no idea what provoked the attack. She got the license plate number and told police that the rider had a young girl on the back of the bike.
   When officers ran the plate, it returned to a local man who police contacted. He gave police his side of the story which described the woman in the car talking on her cell phone and drifting into his lane of travel. The motorcyclist had his daughter on the back and was in fear that the absent-minded cell phone driver would crash into them or force them into the oncoming lane. As a defensive maneuver the rider put his foot out which contacted the woman's door and mirror. The man stated the driver was startled and pulled back into her own lane. However, a few minutes later after a stop at the post office, the man saw the same car race up behind him at a high rate of speed. According to the rider he was worried about the safety of his daughter and that this woman was in some sort of road rage. The woman pulled her car up to the man again in a menacing manner and that is when the rider again put his foot out to keep her car at bay. The case is under investigation.