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October 7, 2002

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Bothell Court offers amnesty from traffic fine collections during month of October

BOTHELL - In an effort to help citizens regain their driving licenses, Bothell Municipal Court is offering a "collection amnesty program" throughout the month of October.
   Designed to help those with outstanding traffic tickets and fines, the court and their collection agency have agreed to waive interest and a significant portion of collection costs.
   "Everyone has financial problems at some time or another," said Judge John Rusden. "We hope this program will allow citizens within our district to remedy their fines, and regain their driving privileges."
   The court is offering the program from October 1 through October 31, 2002. Those with outstanding tickets or fines should contact the court directly by calling (425) 487-5587.
   Clerks will also be able to provide names of other courts where fines may be outstanding.
   Once tickets are paid in full and reported to the court, adjudication slips must be delivered to the Department of Licensing to clear a driving record and obtain a valid drivers license.