Northwest NEWS

October 14, 2002


Thanks for the warm meal

Quite often we firefighters return from an emergency only to find our prepared meals cold and in need of reheating. This was not the case last week as Woodinville's entire fire department was summoned to a house fire located across the road from Washington Pizza Company. As a public fire educator for the department, I was engaged in conversation explaining some of the tasks that the fire crews were involved in to some of the citizens watching from a safe distance.
   At that time, (9:30 p.m.), the owner of the pizza company asked me if the fire crews were going to be there for another 15-20 minutes. I explained to her that the firefighters would be conducting work for about another three to four hours and she decided to take her family and fire up the ovens to bake a few pizzas for the remaining crews.
   Her fifth grade daughter was excited to be a part of the team and after about 30 minutes, returned with a few pizzas, beverages, paper plates, napkins and smiles.
   I cannot explain enough in writing, the surprised look on the faces of the firefighters showing appreciation and praise for such an unexpected act of kindness from the community.
   A comment was made from the owner of the pizza company stating that this was a thank you for all the hard work that we do for the public.
   My response was as simple as this —The thanks need to be returned a hundred fold to her and her family for taking care of us on the fire ground when we were taking care of others.
   Dave Leggett, Public Fire Educator, Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District