Northwest NEWS

October 14, 2002


A public/private partnership might solve the problem of pool closures

I attended the Monday night City of Woodinville council meeting where there was strong participation from the citizens of Woodinville and the high school swim team. Everyone was concerned about the closure of the Northshore School District's swimming pool and the closure of the Sorenson warm water pool.
   Mr. Bob Padgett of All Star Fitness/Woodinville Athletic Club spoke to the Council about a private/public partnership to develop a dive and swim pool that would fit the needs of our Northshore School District children. It is my understanding that there is interest from Northshore School District to do so.
   The City of Woodinville is going to close the warm water Sorenson pool. Perhaps it would be a good idea to encourage the city to investigate how a private/public partnership would work in the efforts to get a warm water pool built for Woodinville.
   If that is the case, I urge you to encourage Ms. Lane Youngblood, the director of Parks and Recreation, at, to speak to all the council members to pursue this scenario of a partnership for the warm water pool.
   I would also like to encourage our citizens to contact Dan Vaught, director of Support Services, for the Northshore School District, to pursue discussions for a partnership with the Woodinville Athletic Club in regards to a lap pool with a diving component for our high school's swim team. Mr. Vaught's e-mail is
   If you have any interest in seeing this happen, please e-mail Dan Vaught with your comments.
   Richard Duncalf, Woodinville