Northwest NEWS

October 14, 2002


Moms and kids add tree to park

   On Oct. 9, a group of about 20 moms and kids braved the threat of rain and planted a new apple tree that they had purchased for McCormick Park in Duvall.
   With tiny shovels, trowels, scoops and muddy hands, they filled in the soil around the new tree hole that a thoughtful dad had dug the night before. The day was selected for the season when the weather would be appropriate for tree planting, but members of the MOMS Club of Duvall started arranging for the activity with the city back in July.
   The group arranges for fun and educational activities and outings for moms and kids in the community. By planting this tree, they not only gave a gift to the city that the children can visit for years to come, they were  implementing a portion of the planting plan the city has created for the park.
   In previous years members of the Cedarcrest High School Horticulture club have also planted trees planned for the park.
   Anyone interested in the Duvall MOMS Club may contact Jane at (425) 844-2133, or If you would like to donate and plant a tree, or help clean up overgrown portions of McCormick Park, contact Connie Zimmerman at the Public Works Department at (425) 844-0846.