Northwest NEWS

October 14, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

Compiled by John Price from Woodinville Police reports
   Oct. 6: A man went to visit his friend in the 13300 block of Northeast 171st and parked his 1990 Dodge Spirit. Three or four hours later the man went outside to find his car missing.
   He called police who looked at the parking spot and did not see any signs of a forced entry. Later that day officers driving through a different section of the apartment complex found the car, perfectly parked with no signs that it had been stolen. The victim told police he may have forgotten where he originally parked.
   Oct. 6: Police received a call concerning a fight in progress in the 15500 block of 129th Avenue Northeast. The caller reported that a man and a woman were hitting and kicking a man on the ground. Officers arrived and found a man lying face down on the ground. Officers asked the man what happened and he said nothing. The man was clearly injured and needed aid but when officers asked, he said he was fine.
   Officers called an ambulance and transported the man to the hospital.
   A few hours later police received a call from a woman who was reporting an attempted rape. Upon interviewing this woman, officers quickly learned that the man involved in her story was the same man assaulted earlier in the evening. The woman told police a very different story. She and some friends were drinking at a bar when they met up with friends. The man involved in the assault was a friend of a friend and unknown to the woman. After leaving the bar the group went to the woman's house to continue drinking. After a few more hours of drinking the woman wanted to drive into town for fast food. The man offered to go with her.
   However, once in the car the man pulled her car down a quiet and dark side street. She asked what he was doing and he told her to shut up or he would kill her. The man then parked and got out of the car to look around. It was at this point that the woman quickly grabbed her cell phone and called her friends back at the house. She told them where she was and what was happening. The man returned to the car and saw her on her cell phone.
   He became enraged and began shouting that he was going to kill her. The woman had locked all the doors but the man had the key and was trying to unlock the doors to gain entry. The woman successfully kept the man out of the car until her two friends arrived.
   The two friends (one male, one female) proceeded to beat the man to the ground. The case is under investigation and waiting for charges to be filed.