Northwest NEWS

October 14, 2002

Local News

Human bone found near Woodinville

The King County Medical Examiner's office reports they are still working to identify a human bone found near the Upper Bear Creek Conservation Area just off Paradise Lake Road.
   No additional bones have been found since the first one, said King County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Greg Dymerski.
   He explained that a call came in last Tuesday, Oct. 7, from a local resident who found his dog chewing on a bone.
   Medical investigators determined that the bone was human.
   On Friday, Oct. 11, the department's Guardian One helicopter canvassed the area. Marine units were brought in to dive the streams and bogs. Cadaver dogs trained to find human remains searched the dense marshy area. Dozens of search and rescue volunteers walked the heavily wooded terrain.
   Police did not search over the weekend.