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October 14, 2002

Local News

Sorenson pool racks up repair bills

Since February 2002, the aging Sorenson Pool has racked up a repair bill totaling $20,000 in expenditures. Malfunctioning filtration and heating units, plus a leaking boiler pipe and gas line, were just a few of the many required repairs the pool has needed in past months.
   At their October 7th meeting, the Woodinville City Council stipulated a $60,000 cap for repairs to the pool, which includes the $20,000 already spent.
   The Council hopes the remaining $40,000 will be enough to cover further service emergencies so that operation can continue until the end of the YMCA lease. Currently, the YMCA uses the pool for swim lessons, water therapy and water exercise. Communications Coordinator Marie Stake explained, "The action that Council took Monday night was to hope for the best...that the pool will last through the YMCA's current lease, which expires December 31, 2003."