Northwest NEWS

October 14, 2002


Healthy Youth Survey to be given to high school students

Washington state's "Healthy Youth Survey 2002" will be given to 10th and 12th grade students at Cedarcrest High School on Oct. 17.
   Many agencies in Washington work to help students. To do this better, knowledge is needed about strengths and weaknesses in programs for youth.
   To help do this, the Healthy Youth Survey, which looks for patterns in knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, will take place on Oct. 17.
   The information from this survey will be used to plan programs to help support kids in the school and community, and to reduce the risks to youth.
   Brochures describing the survey were distributed to students the week of Oct. 1 and 8. Questions regarding the survey can be directed to Laura Linde, Riverview School District Lead Counselor, at (425) 844-4609.